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Vastu Vidya is an ancient Indian science that focuses on the harmonious balance of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space - to create a positive and uplifting environment.Vastu consulting is a traditional Indian practice that helps individuals and businesses align their living and working spaces with the natural world. By following the principles of vastu, it is believed that individuals can improve their health, wealth, and overall well-being.

At Vastu Vidya Homes, we offer a range of services to help clients achieve this balance. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the principles of Vastu and can provide personalized recommendations for your space.

Founded in 2014, Vastu Vidya Homes work closely with clients to create spaces that reflect their personal style and preferences. We believe that the design of a space has a profound impact on the occupants. Our goal is to create environments that enhance the well-being and prosperity of those who live and work in them.

By choosing Vastu Vidya Homes, you can be confident that your space will be aligned with the natural world and in harmony with the principles of vastu. This can bring many benefits, including improved health, wealth, and overall well-being. 

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Comprehensive vastu assessments: We will visit your space and conduct a thorough assessment, taking into account factors such as the direction and orientation of the building, the placement of doors and windows, and the flow of energy within the space.

Personalized recommendations: Based on our assessment, we will provide personalized recommendations for how to align your space according to the principles of Vastu. This may include suggestions for rearranging furniture, adding or removing elements from the space, or making other changes to improve the flow of energy.

Ongoing Support: We understand that implementing Vastu principles can be a complex process. That's why we offer ongoing support to help you every step of the way. We can provide guidance and advice on how to make changes to your space, and can even assist with the actual implementation of our recommendations.

Personalized Living Solutions

Our team works closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, and we offer personalized design solutions that are tailored to each individual space.